Making Disciples Who Make More Disciples

Sermons on Spiritual Disciplines

Top-Tray Tools: Word for Will

We conclude our series on spiritual disciplines that Jesus assumes we will use. In proclaiming in the Lord’s Prayer, “Your Kingdom Come” Pastor Dana feels in our culture that this action necessitates that we be readers of God’s Word. In addition, Pastor Dana summaries why he personally and believes in using the Life Journal. Finally the series in concluded by looking what we need to do to get more opportunities for God to work in our life.

Top-Tray Tools-Confession Part 2

Conclusion of last week’s message which dealt with confessing our wrongful actions before God, and others. This concept taken from Matthew 6:12-15 also involves both and receiving forgiveness from God and from this act of God’s grace one is able to grant forgiveness toward others. The discipline of confession and granting forgiveness to others is difficult and challenging, however, the rewards are unmatched.

Top-Tray Tools: Helping Others

Using the teaching of Jesus in Matthew chapter six one can find four spiritual disciplines that Jesus assumes a Christ follower is to do. These expectations by Christ should be considered some of the main tools for faith growth or tools one might keep in the top tray of their tool box. The first spiritual tool or discipline is found in Matthew 6:1-4 the spiritual practice of helping others.