Making Disciples Who Make More Disciples

Sermons on Love

Transforming Lives Like Jesus: Radical Living

Jesus while on earth lived his life in such a way that he transformed people lives through grace. We as Christ followers and possessors of God’s grace are called to do the same. In Jesus prayer for His current and future followers he prays for a radical style of living. He prays that His followers would not belong to the world, yet that at the same time they will not be taken out of the world, John 17:14-15. What does this look like?

Top-Tray Tools: Helping Others

Using the teaching of Jesus in Matthew chapter six one can find four spiritual disciplines that Jesus assumes a Christ follower is to do. These expectations by Christ should be considered some of the main tools for faith growth or tools one might keep in the top tray of their tool box. The first spiritual tool or discipline is found in Matthew 6:1-4 the spiritual practice of helping others.