Making Disciples Who Make More Disciples

Sermons on Fellowship

Top-Tray Tools: Word for Will

We conclude our series on spiritual disciplines that Jesus assumes we will use. In proclaiming in the Lord’s Prayer, “Your Kingdom Come” Pastor Dana feels in our culture that this action necessitates that we be readers of God’s Word. In addition, Pastor Dana summaries why he personally and believes in using the Life Journal. Finally the series in concluded by looking what we need to do to get more opportunities for God to work in our life.

God of Relationships

God within Himself models our need for life giving relationships. The book of 1 John highlights this relational need within the concept of fellowship. Our fellowship with God necessitates our fellowship with others in relationship with God and our need for continual cleansing 1 John 1:5-7. Listen for more of the spiritual dynamic that makes the body a necessity not an afterthought.