Making Disciples Who Make More Disciples

Sermons on Isaiah

Celebrating the Word

The message is a celebration of God’s Word. Those who have accomplished quarterly reading goals were recognized, and others were encouraged to participate. The sermon text is Isaiah 55:11. Too many people who identify themselves as “Christians” have a Bible but do not use it in America. Therefore, they do not reap the benefits that God’s Word is sure to produce in their lives. Noted within the message a Gideon speaker made a presentation earlier in the service. It was a great day for Lennon Wesleyan Church.

The Rest

Following the two examples of the children of Israel not having full faith in entering the promise land; Numbers 13-14; and Hebrews 3:12-13. We now see another example in Isaiah 40:29-31, that to meet our full potential in God; soar on wings as eagles, we will need a full trust in God that expectantly waits for God in the midst of difficult circumstances.